How to support your training with nourishment and get results

Joined the gym, tick.

Eating ok, tick.

Not loosing weight, tick.


It’s surprising how when you start a new fitness and nutrition regime, weight loss just doesn’t happen like magic.  I hear you, surely if I run 8km and eat and simple salad, I will lose 3kg, SURELY!  Interestingly, our bodies need to be healthy to have the desired weight loss effect.  There are many pieces to the weight loss puzzle: are you loving your liver?  Is your gut health up to scratch? Does your thyroid function border on not functioning? Are you insulin resistant? Is your life style jammed packed with stress, or rather ‘perceived stress’?  Are you hanging on to emotions form when you were 15 years old?


Time and time again I see clients who visit their GP for a round of bloods, only to be told everything is perfect, keep doing what you are doing.  And the results are borderline, a person with a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) of 0.3 will not feel the same as a person with a TSH of  3.5 .  Yet this is the range that is currently acceptable for EVERY person to be within.  Going through your biochemistry is the first step to putting the puzzle back together


Image from Janet Raftis

Loving your liver is high on my list of weight loss tips.  Your livers role is to essentially ‘detox’, which means everything you eat, drink, inhale, apply to your skin, goes to your liver.  While the liver normally detoxes natural substances in your body, like hormones and cholesterol, when we smash it with alcohol, sugar, caffeine, drugs, processed foods to name a few, our liver priortises these, and other jobs are backed up.  This is when our livers become ‘sluggish’, and weight gain occurs because the liver can’t do its job properly.  Also in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is where we hold our stress, so if the liver is loaded with stress and extra jobs, our bodies will not be healthy enough to lose weight.  Learning to love your liver and nourish it accordingly will have big impact on your health.

Nourishment is key.  Good quality food, eating with intention to look after your body and feed every cell with love and purpose.  My my this magnesium enriched smoothie really is helping my muscles to repair and build quite lovely and lean.  MMMM I love how munching on selenium filled brazil nuts helps my thyroid to function the best it can so my metabolism is perfect for maintaining my weight goals.

Nourishing your spiritual self is also very important.nourishment-circle

image Judith Duval

Including calming exercise to soothe your adrenals.   Understanding how your emotions play a key part and to let go of past events that no longer serve you.  This involved digging a bit deeper than the surface and getting the bottom of it.  Talking to yourself as you would to your best friend, which means being your own cheerleader. Yay me, I’m so awesome today!  Walk into the room with sparkle and feel confident in your magnificence.

One on one nutrition guidance is so wonderful to help get it all in order.  Help you to reach those weight loss goals, and I love to help open your eyes to another side of the calories in calories out equation.  There is more to it than that. Come, let me show you.

IMG_3494 Renee from Health Space Coogee-Randwick


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