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Renee is an experienced holistic nutritionist, with a background of paediatric nursing. After 14 years of nursing around the world, Renee settled in Sydney to chase her dream of implementing natural health care into the everyday lives of people everywhere. Renee is passionate about changing the perception of health and inspiring people to develop better building blocks for improving their health and wellbeing. Renee adores good tea, nutritious food and connecting the two to support the body and its many biochemical processes. A lover of a balanced lifestyle, Renee enjoys many natural modalities to sustain a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. Currently striving for a sustainable lifestyle, Renee gently encourages (bosses) her partner about ensuring a healthy home for their young son.

Bachelor Health Science (AUT)
Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine (ACNT)
You can book an appointment to see Renee renee@holmes.net.nz
Dandelion Nutrition Clinic is in Maroubra
However there are home visit services available

Book an essential oil worskshop too

Renee is a qualified nutritionist with a focus on children’s health at the Kings Cross clinic. Renee is also a registered nurse with 15 years experience working worldwide in children’s health, as a paediatric nurse.
By teaching families about food as medicine and helping them apply their new found knowledge to their every day lives, Renee believes there is great success in helping children thrive and maintain good health. Renee is passionate about changing the way we think about health and inspiring people to improve their vitality by looking after the key areas of their lifestyle. Areas such as real food, important nutrients, hydration, sleep and laughter.
Renee has received comprehensive, best practice training and can provide families with unique nutritional treatment plans helping them with conditions such as
• Eczema
• Asthma
• Allergies/intolerances
• Constipation
• Autism/ASD
• Gut health/issues: restoring and healing the gut
• Diabetes
• Immunisation support
• Learning behaviours
• Hormonal issues
• Stress/adrenal issues
• Womens health
• Fertility
• Preconception and pregnancy care
Renee will guide you through an individualised care plan, which may include supplementation of required nutrients, nutritional advice, menu planning, food as medicine, lifestyle advice and support for the whole family.

A lover of a balanced lifestyle, Renee enjoys the many natural therapies available to sustain a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. Renee also enjoys experimenting with nutritious meals on her growing toddler, and is enjoying watching him develop with gusto and good health.


Contact Renee

Email renee@holmes.net.nz

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