Initial Consultation:

An in depth assessment of your current diet, health history, lifestyle and emotional-well being. This allows Renee to understand why and where your symptoms originated and will assist in creating a treatment plan specific to suit your symptoms, individual health goals and lifestyle needs.

1 Hour


Report of Findings:

The results of the assessment findings are given along with the treatment plan that is specific to suit your symptoms, individual health goals and lifestyle needs.

1 Hour


Standard Consultation:

A 1hr treatment will focus on restoring balance and health in your body naturally and may include changes to your current diet, meal plans, prescription of supplementation and lifestyle changes.

1 Hour



Nutrition Flourish Package

Initial Consultation

Report of Findings

Standard Consultation




Some Health Funds offer rebates, please ask to see if nutrition falls into your plan.

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Book in with Renee for a free essential oils class

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Join nutritionist and paediatric nurse Renée in an interactive and educational worskshop about Essential Oils and the many ways they can be used to transform your life, home and loved ones on a physical and emotional level.

I’m so excited to educate and share this information with you!! We’ll be going over the Top 10 doTERRA essential oils which I love to call my natural First Aid Kit!

– Boost your whole family’s immune system

– Support the respiratory system & maintain clear breathing, especially good for daycare coughs and runny noses

– Increase your mental clarity & focus

– Support restful sleep for babies, toddlers, children and husbands

– Relieve sore muscles, aches and pains

– Reduce nervous tension and anxious feelings

– Support your digestion

– Increase energy levels

– Promote healthy metabolism

– Make your own cleaning products

– How to apply Essential Oils safely and effectively

– Any questions that you have!

Learn why I choose doTERRA essential oils over any other brand and how to get these high quality and unique oils at wholesale prices.